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peter o halloran

Peter o Halloran is the CEO and founder of PPT FITNESS And nutrition / PPT NUTRITION.

Peter is a qualified personal trainer, online coach and a nutritionist.

Peter is also an NCO (non-commissioned officer) in the Irish Defence Forces where he specialises as a sniper instructor since 2005 with numerous trips overseas so Peter knows what it takes to overcome challenges.

After becoming a personal trainer Peter took a particular interest in nutrition. He completed many courses in nutrition taking his education to the next level earning a BSc in food science and health.

Peters qualifications include
– BSc (HONS) Food Science & Health
– DIP Sports and Exercise Nutrition
– DIP Advanced Sports Nutrition
– DIP in Child Nutrition
– Qualified Personal Trainer
– Extensive number of military courses which are classified

– Irish fitness industry awards – Best Fitness Nutritionist/Dietitian 2018
– Irish social media awards – Best use of social media by a personal trainer 2018
– Irish fitness industry awards – Best in Fitness Nutrition 2019
– Irish social media awards – Best use of social media by a personal trainer 2019
– Irish beauty blog awards winner 2019 as Best Fitness Influencer

Peter started coaching online in mid-2017 and since then has won multiple awards for his social media content and for his amazing life changing results and testimonials from clients.

Occupation:   CEO and Serving soldier
Company: PPT fitness and nutrition /  PPT Nutrition / PPT Fitness
Born: April 1986 in Galway Ireland
Nationality:   Irish
Height: 190cm / 6 FEET 3 INCHES

– 25 Breakfasts under 400 calories
– 25 lunches under 500 calories  

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Irish fitness industry awards

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